Our Story

Our Voices is a new short story/stories podcast, introduced by Alex Melia and produced by Fascinate Productions, an award winning podcast agency.

The only short story podcast that takes a snapshot of people’s lives – spanning the ups and down of life and everything in between. For the curious and open-minded, looking to better understand themselves and society through a glimpse into other’s lives.

Real stories by real people. Every week, immerse yourself in a stranger’s journey through life and experience the moments that make us who we are. Our Voices will enable you to see things from other people’s points of view, celebrating the differences and magnifying the commonalities that unite us all. Explore the raw and authentic side of different cultures and communities without the filter.

This world of the internet, mobile phones and social media avatars affects our mental health as we as humans constantly compare ourselves to others This podcast takes a snapshot of how society really lives, illustrating the highs and lows that we all share, and therefore elevating you, our audience.

We hear the stories of celebrities and influencers and those that shout the loudest. We feel that this doesn’t represent 99% of real people. Participants are not chosen for their fame, good looks or social media following, so we get to hear from the people who wouldn’t usually get heard that have a powerful voice to share.

“Our Voices is a mission to celebrate the everyman and the everywoman. Celebrities and influencers have their place but so do all of us and we want our voices to be heard. In the difficult times that we live in, we’re in danger of isolating ourselves further and further and ultimately losing that human connection that binds us all.

Relating to one another has never been more important. The first series begins with overseas NHS medical professionals and we’re excited to bring the voices of those that heal us to your ears.”

We believe everyone has a story to tell and if that can positively impact just one person’s life, then it will have been worth it.